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Cristian S. Calude and José Félix Costa

This special issue of the International Journal of Unconventional Computing includes a selection of papers presented at the 3rd International Workshop Physics and Computation 2010 held in Egypt between 30 August and 6 September 2010, http://www.pc2010.uac.pt. The pre-proceedings of the workshop have been published in H. Guerra (ed.). Physics and Computation 2010, Pre-Proceedings, CAMIT, University of Azores, 2010, 277pp.

The Steering Committee of the series of workshops Physics and Computation includes Caslav Brukner (University of Vienna), Cristian S. Calude, (University of Auckland), Gregory Chaitin (IBM Thomas J.Watson Research Center), José Félix Costa (Technical University of Lisbon) and István Németi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences).

The range of subjects covered by the papers presented here is quite large, from Mathematica classical simulations of quantum adiabatic algorithms to harvesting the quantum quagmire, and from algebraic characterizations of complexity-theoretic classes of real functions and observability in quantum computing to slow-down and speed-up phenomena in the micro-cosmos of of small Turing machines.

We hope that the reader will enjoy this fascinating excursion in the world of physics and computation.

Finally, we thanks the referees for their important contribution and Prof. A. Adamatzky for his invitation to host this special issue.

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