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Harvesting the Quantum Quagmire
Karl Svozil

If the unitary quantum mechanical state evolution is universally valid, quantized systems evolve uniformly, deterministically, and reversible; that is, one-to-one. Hence, what is considered an irreversible measurement might be a purely subjective, conventional, and convenient abstraction of the situation that, although in principal totally reversible, for all practical purposes (fapp), measurements cannot be undone. If this is granted, then Schrödinger’s “quantum jellification” arises because of the inevitability of the physical co-existence of classically mutually exclusive states through quantum coherence. It is suggested to take the rather unique human cognitive and perceptive experience as evidence that, at least at the level of apperception, quantum jellification does not exist at all. Otherwise the problems of how to characterize the ambivalence of perception and cognition induced by quantum coherence on a fundamental level of cognition, and why this ambivalence appears to be rather weak and can be ignored fapp, remain unsolved.

Keywords: quantum measurement theory, quantum computation theory, quantum coherence, quantum entanglement

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