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Model Checking for Communicating Quantum Processes
Tim Davidson, Simon J. Gay, Hynek Mlnarik, Rajagopal Nagarajan and Nick Papanikolaou

Quantum communication is a rapidly growing area of research and development. Quantum cryptography has already been implemented for secure communication, and commercial solutions are available. The application of formal methods to classical computing and communication systems has been very successful, and is widely used by industry. We expect similar benefits for the verification of quantum systems. Communicating Quantum Processes (CQP) is a process calculus based on the π-calculus with the inclusion of primitives for quantum information. Process calculi provide an algebraic approach to system specification and behavioural analysis. The Quantum Model Checker (QMC) is a tool for the automated verification of system correctness. Through an exhaustive search of the possible executions, QMCcan check that correctness properties expressed using temporal logic formulae are satisfied. In this paper we describe our approach to the verification of quantum systems using a combination of process calculus and model checking. We also define a formal translation from CQP to the modelling language used by QMC and prove that this preserves the semantics of all supported CQP processes.

Keywords: Quantum computing, quantum communication, process calculus, model-checking, translation, semantics

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