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Insights into the Viability of Using Available Photonic Quantum Technologies for Efficient Image and Video Processing Applications
Abdullah M. Iliyasu, Phuc Q. Le, Fei Yan, Bo Sun, Fangyan Dong, Awad Kh. Al-Asmari and Kaoru Hirota

A compendium of the available photonic quantum technologies to facilitate image processing applications on quantum computers is presented. By espousing the implementation of the flexible representation of quantum images, FRQI, and its transformation to the photonic-based physical realisation of quantum hardware, the extent of efficient image and video processing tasks that can be performed using current technologies is assessed. Modifications and extensions to the available technologies as considered necessary to overcome likely challenges that may encumber the realisation of meaningful image processing tasks are also suggested. The review advances available literature geared towards realising application-specific quantum computing hardware and commercial applications for quantum image processing.

Keywords: Quantum computation; quantum image processing; flexible representation for quantum images; quantum circuits; photonic quantum technologies; colour angle; optical elements

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