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Rapid Prototyping in the Application to the Dynamic Surface Tension Measurements
A. Baldygin, J.S. Marin Quintero, T. Willers and P.R. Waghmare

Traditional bubble tensiometers experience deviation of surface tension measurements at low surface ages – typically below two milliseconds. So, there is limited clarity on how the bubble formation process occurs and if there is any dependency on pipette geometry. In this paper different geometries of pipettes were designed, manufactured and evaluated for their affect in the growth of the bubbles while maintaining a constant air flow for each test. Two different shapes of tips were considered and verified; aspects changed were the outlet diameter, the length and the conical taper before the outlet. Consequently, pipettes were fabricated using additive manufacturing (3D printing), the bubble formation process was simulated and recorded with a high-speed camera, and finally the videos were analysed with a 2D image analysis software. In this context, the behaviour of the bubble growth changed according the geometry and the parameters of the pipette tip.

Keywords: CMC, DST, SFT, capillary, surface age

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