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Analytical Modelling and Simulation of SnO2/SiO2-Si (n) Solar Cell
A. Cheknane, B. Benyoucef, J.-P. Charles, N.E. Chabane-Sari, A. Chaker and F. Dujardin

Determination of solar cell parameters is a key issue for obtaining a good design of the device. This paper presents the results of an analytical modelling study regarding the effects of interfacial oxide layer thickness , interface state density (the level above the valence band to which surface states are filled in isolated semiconductor) on the open circuit voltage, the series resistance, and the efficiency of SnO2/SiO2/Si(n) solar cell. For different, the physical parameters affect directly the solar cell conversion efficiency. The obtained results by simulation using Matlab packages (Simulink and Neural network) are presented and discussed. However, the learning neural network we proceed is the “supervised learning”, where the error minimization between the desired and computed unit values is done by the least mean square (LMS) convergence.

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