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Electronically Tunable Single Input Five Outputs Active Only Universal Filter
N.A. Shah, S.Z. Iqbal and M.F. Rather

A complete voltage-mode (VM) filtering configuration based on and employing two operational amplifiers (OAs) and six operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs) having a single input and five outputs (SIFO) is proposed. The circuit simultaneously supports all the five filtering functions lowpass (LP), bandpass (BP), highpass (HP), Notch and allpass (AP). The filtering characteristics gain (H), natural frequency (w0), and the quality factor (Q) are temperature insensitive besides the later two being electronically tunable in a non-interacting but sequential manner while the former is independently adjustable. The circuit besides enjoying low sensitivity figures is integrable and enjoys extended frequency range, as it is active only in nature. PSPICE simulation results are included.

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