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Mathematical Model of Optoelectronic Full Adder
Zbigniew Porada and Elz. Bieta Schabowska-Osiowska

An optoelectronic system, realizing the full adder system, which can be used in transmission and processing of signals in optical form, is described. The full adder system should realize three logical functions: EX-OR, and AND and OR. In presented paper the system realizing the EX-OR logical function has been constructed by adequate connecting of eight photoconducting and five electroluminescent elements, the system realizing the AND function was composed of two photoconducting and one electroluminescent elements and the same elements were contained in the OR system. For the optoelectronic adder under discussion – depicting respective gates entering into the system of the adder by means of sets of equations – a mathematical model was elaborated.

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