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A Novel Structure for High Voltage High Power Multilayer RF PIN Diode with an Improved Bandwidth and Sharp Variable Junction Capacitance
Mohammad Hadi Shahrokhabadi, Saeed Shoorabi Sani, Mona Kalate Arabi and Saman Shoorabi Sani

The PIN diode is a semiconductor device that can, for its especial properties, be used to switch high level power and frequencies currents. The main aim of this paper is to introduce, investigate and explore a new structure for high voltage, high frequency and high power multilayer pin diode with an improved cut-off frequency that also has high sensitive variable junction capacitance versus changes in input bias voltage. To design, simulate and analyze the novel structure in the range of 1 GHz to 31 GHz, Silvaco Atlas software is used. The results show that in 1GHz frequency, junction capacitance value shows a considerable increase of about 2.875e-17 F/μm in a bias range of -10V to 10V that 80 percent of this increase occurs in of range of 0-2 V which is very considerable. For the 31-GHz frequency also, junction capacitance value shows an increase of about 1.625e-17 F/μm by applying the same range of input bias voltage, exhibiting an acceptable increase given the high frequency used. In frequencies between 1GHz to 31 GHz also, there is a considerable increase rate for junction capacitance value relative to the same range of bias voltage. Usage of this novel structure in frequency-down converters (e.g. mixers) is one of its practical implications. After estimating the equivalent circuit for novel structure, considering a diode’s frequency response, its cut-off frequency was calculated to be 8.8 MHz.

Keywords: RF high voltage high power multilayer Pin diode, silvaco, cut-off frequency, halo, packed heavily doped region, sharp variable capacitor, high gradient E-field, Switching speed characteristic, on-state resistance, forward voltage drop, softness factory

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