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Simulation Study of Sputtered Particles from Clay Under Ionic Bombardment
E. Chahid, M. Ait El Fqih, A. Kaddour, A. Zradba, R. El Moznine and E. Taifi

Cordierite (2Al2O3.5SiO2.2MgO) is a technically important ceramic which is applied in a great variety of areas. Cordierite and cordierite based glass ceramics, well known because of their low dielectric constant, high resistivity, elevated thermal and chemical stability and very low thermal expansion coefficient, are promising materials for electronic applications. Due to its lower processing costs and its better electrical properties, cordierite is an alternative material to be used as substrate in replacement of alumina, conventionally employed in the electronic industry. The SRIM-code program was employed to obtain the angular distribution of Si, Al, Mg and Fe sputtered from simulated clay (Cordierite) under 5 Ar+ ion bombardments were measured at normal incidence. Angular distribution of differential sputtering yields of the ejected species of clay showed under-cosine tendency.

PACS numbers: 79.20.-m, 79.20.RF, 81.15-Cd, 77.84.Dy.

Keywords: Sputtering, Angular distribution, Clay, Computer simulation.

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