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Simulation and Realization of High Input Impedence Biquad with Minimum Number of Passive Elements
Umesh Kumar and Manish Kumar

A new multifunctional filter circuit based on four terminal floating nullors (FTFN) and simultaneously supporting high pass (HP) and band pass (BP) filtering signals is presented. The circuit has high impedance which permits to use it in cascade to obtain higher order filters without any need for buffer. By inducing slight modification in the topology another circuit simultaneously realizing band pass (BP) and low pass (LP) filter responses can be derived. Both the circuits facilitates the tuning of bandwidth and cut off frequency in the orthogonal manner. The sensitivity figures of parameters of interest are small. PSPICE simulation results are included.

Keywords: Simulation, High Input Impedence Filters, Biquad, Minimum Number of Passive Elements Filters

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