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Current Signal Output Electronically Variable Quadrature Sinusoid Oscillator with Linear Tuning Law
S. Pattanayak, K. Mathur, P. Venkateswaran and R. Nandi

Using the composite Current Differencing Buffered Amplifier (CDBA) and Multiplication Mode Current Conveyor (MMCC) devices as the active building block , a new voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) realisation with linear tuning law is proposed; the design yields quadrature sinusoid explicit current output signals. Analysis with imperfect device models indicate that the design is practically active – insensitive to parasitic capacitors which are absorbed in the nominal grounded capacitors. With PSPICE macromodel simulation and hardware test measurement, the experimental responses are satisfactorily verified with current mode signal generation in a range of 60KHz ≤ fo ≤) 2.1 MHz by appropriate variation of the control voltage (V) of MMCC element.

Keywords: Current mode oscillator, Quadrature oscillator, Linear VCO, CDBA, MMCC

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