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Design of High Performance and Low Leakage Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using MTCMOS Technique
Maitri Singh Kushwah and Shyam Akashe

The continuously scale down of technology, leakage current is growing exponentially. Ultra low power applications have acquired a lot of attention in recent years. Energy-efficient designs have become more and more important for hardware with the growing use of portable devices. This is due to the increment in battery operated devices and also become to the scaling of CMOS devices. In this paper presents simple VCO and technique based VCO have been designed and parameters like total power, leakage power and current has been calculated. The voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) is the core factor of phase locked loop (PLL) oscillation frequency synthesis, which is mostly used in modern electronic information processing systems. MTCMOS (Multi Threshold CMOS) technique is applied in this paper currently it is very prominent in academia and industry. MTCMOS is an effective circuit level technique that accumulate a high performance and low power design by utilizing both low and high-threshold voltage transistors. It is one of the most used circuit technique to reduce leakage power and current in idle circuit. Designing and calculation of parameters of simple VCO and MTCMOS based VCO has been done with cadence virtuoso tool has improved result of leakage power is 9.52nw and that was done at 45nm technology with operating voltage of 0.7volt. Simulation result shows that the power gating MTCMOS technique has the least power dissipation as compared to other circuit.

Keywords: Leakage power, MTCMOS, Power dissipation, Leakage current

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