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Parametric Study and Improvement of the Electrical Characteristics of a-SiC/c-Si(p) Based, Thyristor Like Switches, Using Two Dimensional Simulation Techniques
E. I. Dimitriadis, F. Farmakis, D. Girginoudi and N. Georgoulas

We presented here for the first time a parametric study for a series of technological and geometrical parameters affecting the electrical characteristics of Al/a-SiC/c-Si(p)/c-Si(n+)/Al thyristor like switches using two dimensional simulation techniques. A series of factors affecting the electrical characteristics of the switches are studied here. Three factors, among all others studied here, exerting most significant influence on both first and second breakdown of the switches are amorphous SiC film width and both c-Si(p) region width and doping concentration. The above factors can be easily varied on device manufacture procedure and their combination, also including all other factors studied here, led to improved electrical characteristics of the switches. This means lowering of forward breakover voltage VBF at first breakdown and forward voltage drop VF after first breakdown at the ON state of the switch to 11V and 9.5V, respectively. This in conjunction with exhibited high anode current density values of 12A/mm2 before second breakdown and also their cheap and easy fabrication techniques and their high switching speed behavior, makes the switches candidates for ESD protection applications.

Keywords: simulation, amorphous SiC, switches, ESD protection.

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