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Resistorless Current Mode Electronically Tunable Multiphase Sinusoidal Oscillator Using CFTAs
Nisha Walde and Syed Naseem Ahmad

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new Current-mode (CM) resistorless electronically tunable multiphase sinusoidal oscillator (MSO) using current follower transconductance amplifiers (CFTAs).The proposed circuit provides independent electronic control of frequency of oscillation without disturbing the condition of oscillation. It provides a multiphase current mode oscillator with a 120 degrees phase shift in its three sinusoidal waveforms. It was found that the oscillator works very satisfactorily and pure sinusoidal waveforms are available at the outputs. This circuit can also be implemented using ZC-CFTAs for explicit current outputs. The PSPICE Simulation confirms the theoretical results. The proposed paper is original in the sense that only CFTAs and grounded capacitors are used in a very simple configuration.

Keywords: Current-mode, Oscillator, CFTA, CMOS, ZC-CFTA, MSO.

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