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Design and Performance Analysis of Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (TFET) Based Current Conveyor for Ultra Low Power Biomedical Applications
Mohd Ajmal Kafeel, Mohammad Zulqarnain, Mohd Hasan and Muhmmad Shah Alam

In current bulk CMOS technology, semiconductor devices are continuously scaled down to achieve higher speed and packing density. This continuous scaling of MOSFET below 45nm technology node gives rise to short channel effects like DIBL, Vt roll off, random dopant fluctuations, mobility degradation etc. There is a need to explore devices beyond bulk CMOS that exhibits higher ION/IOFF ratio, scalability, better channel electrostatics and robustness against process variations. Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (TFET) is considered as one of the most promising device to provide scaling benefits with significant reduction in short channel effects. This paper presents a comparative study of CMOS and TFET based Second Generation Current conveyor (CCII) at a supply voltage of ±0.3V and bias current of 1nA at 32nm technology node. The performance parameters of CCII have been investigated in terms of current gain (α), voltage gain (β), current and voltage bandwidths, resistances and their respective bandwidths at various ports of CCII. It has been found that there is considerable improvement in most of the above parameters using TFET.

Keywords: Tunnel Field Effect Transistor , Current conveyor, Band to Band tunneling, Ultra low power, Look up table model, Instrumentation Amplifier.

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