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A Transistor Level Implementation of Reed Solomon Encoder in GF(28)
Jagannath Samanta, Madhuresh Suman, Jaydeb Bhaumik and Soma Barman

Forward error control codes protect digital data against the errors that occur during transmission through a communication channel or storage. Reed Solomon code is the most suitable candidate to detect and correct both random and burst errors in digital data. Constant Galois field multipliers are the basic building blocks of RS encoder circuit and constant multiplier circuits are implemented using XOR gates. In this work, 14 different XOR circuits are designed based on standard CMOS, pass transistor logic, inverter, gate diffusion input, transmission gate, 10 transistors, 4 transistors, 3 transistors and 2 transistors. Employing six different XOR circuits, four different GF constant multipliers are implemented. Finally, double byte RS encoder is implemented in transistor level using 3 different XOR gates. All designs are simulated using Tanner14.1 EDA tool in 45nm technology. The analysis is done on the basis of propagation delay, average power consumption, transistor complexity and power delay product.

Keywords: Galois Field, Error Correcting Code, Reed Solomon Encoder, Constant Multiplier and XOR gate

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