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Analysis of Flash Analog to Digital Converter Using Power Gating Technique
Shivam Dixit and Shyam Akashe

In signal processing and communication system Analog-to-Digital Converter is very useful component. In Digital Signal Processing designing of high speed devices and converters are facing low power and low voltage. For efficient design and reduced complexity for high speed and low power device in signal processing system are required is Flash ADC. In this paper we are presented complete analysis of 3-bit Flash ADC circuit by using power gating technique. Power gating techniques are used to reduce the leakage current and average power. In this technique two methods are used, first is low leakage stacked power gating and second Diode based stacked power gating. Diode based stacked power gating technique is most effective technique, with this technique leakage current 1.311nW and average power is 3.07nW. 3-bit Flash ADC has been designed and simulated in cadence virtuoso tool at 45nm technology with input voltage is 0.7V.

Keywords: Flash ADC, Power Gating technique, average power, leakage current, BCD encoder, TIQ comparator.

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