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Performance Analysis of Noise and Low Power in Memristor Based 2:1 Multiplexer Using FinFET
Arpana Verma and Shyam Akashe

Memristor and Memristive devices integrates many beneficial features to many analog and digital circuit designs, so electronics and VLSI industries finds revolutionary steps to make memories and other memory based devices. These systems are non-linear dynamical system. They seem unconventional because they endowed dynamic characteristics. They are possessing memory, small signal inductive or capacitive effects. With variable resistance, another advantage of Memristive system that they do not introduce any phase shifts in the output and have no energy dissipation. In this article a Memristor based 2:1 multiplexer is introduced with FinFET topology. FinFET is better replacement of CMOS circuit elements. It has very good electrostatic property so it has full control over channel. The output of FinFET based circuit is near to ideal due to reduction of short channel effects. FinFET devices have higher integration density and smaller variability. The performance of multiplexer is enhanced by reducing leakage power. All related parameters are calculated in cadence virtuoso tool in 45nm technology.

Keywords: Memristor, FinFET, low leakage power, short channel effects, average output voltage, noise

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