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Influence of Inter-Shell Distance on Propagation Delay and Power of Mwcnt Bundle at Local Interconnect
Akshi and Karamjit Singh Sandha

In this paper, the performance of Multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) as VLSI interconnects is discussed. The inter-shell distance of MWCNT bundle is considered to evaluate the equivalent impedance parameters for technology nodes 32nm, 22nm and 16nm at local interconnect length. Further the impedance parameters are simulated using SPICE tool to estimate the performance in terms of delay and power. The results present in the paper show that the delay of MWCNT bundle increases, as the inter shell distance increases and power decreases with increase in inter shell distance. MWCNT has proven to be better interconnect material for local level interconnects as compared to copper for nanoscale technology nodes.

Keywords: Multi-walled carbon nanotube, Copper, Inter shell distance, Interconnect delay, Power dissipation

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