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Versatile Digitally Reconfigurable Current-mode Multifunctional Biquadratic Filter and Quadrature Oscillator
Ale Imran, Deepesh Arora and Rishabh Kumar

In this paper, a digitally programmable single input multi-output current mode multifunctional biquadratic filter and a quadrature oscillator have been presented. The circuit employs two differential voltage current conveyors (DVCCs), two grounded capacitors and three grounded resistors. The digital controllability is incorporated using a current-summing network (CSN). Tunability of parameters like quality factor and cut-off frequency is carried out with the help of a 3–bit digital control word. PSPICE simulations using TSMC 0.25μm CMOS technology have been performed to validate the theoretically predicted results.

Keywords: Current-mode, Differential Voltage Current Conveyor (DVCC), multifunctional filter, digitally programmable circuits, oscillator

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