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Design and Performance Analysis of a 3-2 Compressor By Using Improved Architecture
Inamul Hussain and Manish Kumar

In this paper, a 3-2 compressor is designed by using improved architecture and its performance analysis in terms of power, delay and power-delay product are analysed in 180nm CMOS technology. Power, delay and power-delay product of the designed 3-2 compressor are 320.12nW, 70.67ps and 43.83×10-18 Ws respectively at supply voltage of 1.80V. The designed 3-2 compressor by using improved architecture is efficient in terms of performance characteristics as compared with the conventional architecture. Cadence virtuoso EDA tool is used for the design and simulation of a 3-2 compressor.

Keywords: 3-2 compressor, improved architecture, conventional architecture, power, delay, power delay product

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