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Interference Cancellation Based Turbo Equalizer for Wireless Communication System
Vibhav Kumar Sachan, Preeti Singh Parmar and Vidit Angra

The paper presents analytical and experimental results of a turbo equalizer based on MAP algorithm, including an assessment of its performance by means of computer simulation. Capitalizing on the tremendous performance gains of turbo codes and the turbo decoding algorithm, turbo equalization is an iterative equalization and decoding technique that can achieve equally impressive performance gains for communication system that sends digital data over channels that require equalization, i.e. those which suffer from intersymbol interference(ISI).In this paper, we discuss the turbo equalization approach to coded data transmission over ISI channels, with an emphasis on the basic ideas and some of the practical details. The above practices are just some steps to find out the best equalization technique that should be employed in the process so that at the receiving side we get a signal which is very nearly a replica of the transmitted signal. This clearly reflects that the BER is minimized. Simulation results are included.

Keywords: Turbo equalizer, Bit error rate (BER), Intersymbol interference (ISI), Maximum A-Posteori Probability (MAP).

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