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First Order All Pass, Low Pass and High Pass Filters Using Differential Voltage Current Conveyors
Anuj Upadhyay and Kirat Pal

In this paper, two voltage mode high input impedance filter configurations are presented. The first configuration provides an all pass and low pass transfer function and employs a floating resistor, a grounded capacitor and a single DVCC with two Z- terminals. Second circuit requires three DVCC, one of them having three Z-terminals, two grounded resistors and a grounded capacitor. This circuit provides low pass, high pass, inverted and non-inverted all pass transfer functions. The grounded resistors are replaced by a MOS resistor thus realizing a resistor-less configuration with electronic tuning. PSPICE simulation results with 0.18μm CMOS process parameters are presented and are in confirmation with theoretical analysis.

Keywords: All pass, DVCC, First order filters, High pass, Inverted all pass, Low pass

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