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Design of 3-Stage Operational Transconductance Amplifier with Rail-to-Rail Input Range for Low Power Applications
Prateek Tiwari and Shyam Akashe

Low power application desires an operational transconductance speaker (OTA) which should be composed with an ultra low power and ultra low voltage. The proposed 3-stage OTA is bulk-driven differential pair at input terminal with a minimum voltage at input stage 0.7 V and 0.8 V by which we accomplish rail-to-rail input at first stage. All transistors of proposed 3-stage OTA is to work on sub threshold region. This methodology is another self-biasing system to bias operational transconductance amplifier for increasing performance of proposed OTA. Besides, proposed 3-stage OTA has likewise upgraded the power consumption, voltage gain, DC power and transconductance. Proposed OTA simulated in a 45 nm MOS innovation by utilizing cadence virtuoso 6.1. Simulated results demonstrate that the OTA gives a voltage gain of 25.01 at 0.7 V and input common-mode range with a supply voltage as low as 0.7 V. Power consumption is simulated 13.91milli = 0.7V and at 0.8 V power consumption is simulated 46.36 milli.

Keywords: Bulk-driven transistor, Operational Transconductance Amplifiers, Common-stage with current-source load, Current Mirror, Ultra-Low Voltage

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