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Effect of Nanoscale Dimension on Characteristic Impedance of MIM Surface Plasmon Structure
Arpan Deyasi, Pratibha Verma, Pratiti Paul and Angsuman Sarkar

The effect of nano-dimension on characteristic impedance of Metal-Insulator- Metal surface plasmon structure is investigated as a function of normalized frequency. The image frequency scale is considered to represent the symmetric nature of the obtained profile. Effect of both kinetic inductance and Faraday inductance are included in the result, where computation is carried out for low-frequency regime. Metal layer thickness, insulator thickness, electron density and material characteristics are included in the simulation to observe the impedance profile. Analytical computation is carried out in details so that the result can be obtained including the effect of coupling between symmetric and antisymmetric modes. Simulated findings reveal the existence of double sided surface Plasmon. Results are immensely helpful to analyze the behavior of surface plasmon in nanoscale as well as for bulk range.

Keywords: Nanoscale  dimension, Characteristic impedance, Structural parameters, Low-frequency region, MIM Structure, Surface Plasmon

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