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Characterization and Modeling of Air Bridge Planar Circular Inductors for GaN MMICs up to 26 GHz
Subhash Chander, Kirti Bansal, Samuder Gupta and Mridula Gupta

The simulation, analysis and modeling of air bridge circular spiral inductors have been carried out for optimum value of inductor parameters by using momentum of ADS (Advanced Design System) software. The inductors of different track widths are analyzed for Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) using Gallium Nitride (GaN) material for fabrication on Silicon Carbide (SiC) substrate. The comparison between air bridge and non-air bridge inductors shows the significant improvement in the Q factor. The 9 μm track width air bridge inductor of one turn has been fabricated using the existing 0.25 μm gate length process used for active components. The air bridge inductor has been fabricated and characterized by extraction of equivalent electrical parameters. The developed model can be used directly in the ADS software for designing of GaN MMICs. This fabrication confirms the use of 0.25 μm gate length existing process to be used for development of complete GaN MMIC.

Keywords: Advance Design System, Airbridge, Gallium Nitride, MMIC, Momentum, Silicon carbide

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