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A Variable Input Frequency Based Built-in Self Test Approach for Analog to Digital Converters
Vivek Jain

In this paper a built in self test (BIST) technique is proposed for analog to digital converter (ADC). The new approach presented here to find static error of the ADC. Sinusoidal signal is used as input signal to the device under test. The proposed approach can be applied over a range of input frequencies. The frequency of sinusoidal signal is variable i.e. the system presented here is frequency independent. In this approach expected output is calculated by a mathematical expression i.e. memory is not required to store the expected output values thus making system more cost efficient. Output of the device under test is compared with the expected output calculated by the mathematical expression and DNL, INL is calculated. In this paper mathematical proof of the proposed technique is presented.

Keywords: BIST, mixed signal, ADC

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