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New CFOA-Based Lossless Floating Inductor and Capacitance/Resistance Multipliers for Low-Frequency Applications
Muhammad Taher Abuelma’atti, Zainulabideen Jamal Khalifa and Sagar Kumar Dhar

A new current-feedback operational-amplifier (CFOA)-based floating active inductor (FAI) and capacitance/resistance multipliers is presented. The FAI and the capacitance/resistance multipliers can be used to construct active filters with center/cutoff frequencies in the low-frequency range. Experimental results obtained from a bandpass filter constructed using AD844 CFOA confirm the functionality of the proposed circuit. The proposed circuit would be useful for biomedical and seismic applications with center/cutoff frequencies around few Hz.

Keywords: Current feedback operational amplifier, lowpass filter, biomedical applications, seismic application

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