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A New Technique for The Enhancement of Passband Gain and Q Factor of Active Band Pass Filters
Deepak Pandey, Satish Kumar Nikhil Saxena and Megha Chitranshi

Operational Amplifier is a basic building block of many Analog circuits like Amplifiers, Filters, Integrators, Oscillators, etc. This paper presents a design of an active band pass filter using single stage operational amplifier in 45nm CMOS technology and also presents a techniques to enhance the pass band gain and Q factor of active band pass filter. Proposed active band pass filter exhibits the pass band gain, Q factor and power dissipation as 22db, 12.64 and 450 micro watts respectively. Proposed active band pass filter is dedicated for the applications where high selective band pass filters are required. Design and simulation work has been carried out on cadence virtuoso 6.1 tool.

Keywords: OPAMP, OTA, Active Band Pass Filter, Pass band gain and Q factor

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