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Sensing Using the Field Effect Principle
A. Benfdila and A. Lakhelef

The present paper deals with the investigation on the sensing process using field effect devices in the form of field effect transistors for different device scales (Micro and Nano) and configurations (MOSFET, CNFET, GrFET…) as well as substrate materials i.e., silicon, carbon nanotubes, and graphene materials. This aims a variety of application mainly integrated sensing systems on CMOS technology for different uses in various fields of applications. Depending on the sensing phenomena, different materials should be used to suite non destructive sensing (electric, biological, chemical, medical…). Hence one has to choose the material to build the sensor (SensFET) device. It has been found that silicon, CNTs (Carbon Nanotubes), Graphene, Organic materials (Molecular) have been used to design and manufacture SensFETs.

Keywords: Field effect, sensor, ChemFET, CMOS technology, graphene FET, CNFET, MOSFET

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