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Two Dimensional (2D) Antimony (Sb) Nanoribbon: Properties, Preparation and Application
Jyotsana and G.S. Tripathi

This paper explores the preparation of two-dimensional (2D) antimony (Sb) nanoribbon and explores the electrical, thermal conductivity of armchair and zigzag structures. It employs the weak Vander Waal forces for estimating the long range intermolecular interactions. In present work, the zigzag, armchair structures of Sb are analyzed and observed that the armchair predict semiconductoring nature and zigzag predict metallic structure. In the same context, the density of states (DOS), electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of the armchair and zigzag structure is calculated. All the calculations are based on first principle theory and maximally localized wannier functions (MLWF) using Quantum Espresso and Wannier90 simulation tools respectively. The thermal as well as electrical conductivity is analyzed at three diverse temperatures 300K, 400K and 700K respectively for armchair and zigzag nanoribbon structure. From the present work, it is concluded that Sb armchair, zigzag structure results in better performance at higher temperature compared with its bulk counterpart.

Keywords: Nanoribbon, antimony(Sb), armchair structure, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, density of states (DOS)

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