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Low Power Switch Mode Power Supply with High Operating Speed Employed with Efficient MTCMOS Technique
Gajendra Gupta, Sumit Mohanty and Shyam Akashe

In the field of electronic circuit design it is very necessary that the circuit should perform with the higher efficiency and there should not be much delay in the circuit while operating in the tool like cadence virtuoso etc. So in this paper we are designing a new SMPS employing with the efficient power and leakage reduction technique that is MTCMOS. In the conventional circuit the Noise and leakage of the circuit is little bit high and the size and weight of the transformer is also large as compare to the proposed circuit but when we are employing the high frequency (HF) transformer the size and weight of the main transformer has reduced. Now in this paper by employing the reduction technique that MTCMOS all the parameter like Noise and leakage has been reduced up to 1.006 V/ sqrt Hz and 10.18pA respectively. And the efficiency of this current paper has been improved up to 94.5 %. The 45 nm technologies are employed for the complete recreation of the proposed work at cadence virtuoso tool. And 0.7v power is supplied for enhanced design.

Keyword: SMPS, delay, High frequency (H.F), multi threshold voltage, CMOS Technology

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