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Implementation of FinFET Based Folded Cascode Fully Differential Amplifier in the Outline of GM C Low Pass Filter
Nishat Arif and Shalini Singh

In the era of nano scale regime, Moore’s law seems to be failed in case of conventional planar devices like MOSFET because of the poor performance of the devices below certain limit. FinFET, which is a non planar double gate transistor overcomes the limitations of Moore’s law and also improves the performance of the device on which it implemented upon. In the proposed work it is implemented in the design of folded cascode fully differential Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) and it showed the improved performance than conventional MOSFET device based OTA. The proposed OTA contributes the gain of 106 dB, CMRR of 457 dB, and power consumption gets reduced to 3.076mW. This OTA is further implemented in the design of filter which contributes the gain of 0.69 GHz and cutoff frequency of 167 MHz which can be used in mobile applications. The simulations are done using 45nm technology on MATLAB.

Keywords: SCE, DIBL

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