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Fast Charging of Batteries Utilized in Electrical Vehicles with Cuk Converter
Bhupali Kumbhar and Sagar Patil

Nowadays, the most discussed issues in battery storage system of Electric Vehicles (EVs) are prolonged battery charging process and restricted driving cycle. To minimize these issues a Battery Management System (BMS) is developed with two batteries as primary and secondary with an isolated bidirectional cuk converter. The primary type of battery such as Li-ion battery is considered as main battery butis expensive as compared to the secondary type of battery such as Lead-acid battery. The primary battery must be strictly charged and discharged in smooth conditions, whereas the secondary battery can be charged and discharged in severe conditions. So, the secondary battery is charged rapidly in charging station and discharged fleetly while electrical vehicle is accelerating. To have an appropriate interface between the batteries an isolated cuk converter is used which is useful to improve battery performance and its lifespan. In this paper, it is proposed to study the battery behavior in respect of the range of driving cycle by employing a specific arrangement of primary and secondary batteries along with cuk converter to satisfy three different scenarios. The charging and discharging process has been studied by using MATLAB / Simulink software. The results of the study indicate that the range of driving cycle gets increased and also the reduction in the battery stresses occurs.

Keywords: Electric vehicle, battery, energy storage system, cuk converter, fast charging

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