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The Various Traction Transformers and Power Quality Improvement Using YD Traction Transformer in Electrical Railway Traction System
Deepak Kumar Goyal and Dinesh Birla

Due to advantages such as being economical, environment friendly and taking less time to reach destination, electrified railway traction system is used widely around the world as a significant means of mass and public transportation. With the development of electrified railway system, the power quality of traction grid becomes more serious. The electric power to railway trains is supplied through the transformer. Traction transformer is one of best solution to improve power quality related to electrical railway traction Power system. For this purpose, different traction transformer like Scott transformer, V-V transformer, YN/VD transformer, YD and Impedance matching transformer are studied, modeled and analyzed using MATLAB Simulink/Software. In this paper, a number of traction transformers are considered in the electrified railway traction power system. Due to the single phase & non-linear load behavior of electrical railways traction system, it has many issues of power quality like reactive power, Grid unbalance currents, harmonics etc. This problem can be solved by implementation a two single phase electrified railway traction system with a suitable traction transformer YD along with full bridge Converter. The full bridge converter (FBC) is used to transfer active power and suppressing the harmonics. The simulation results verify the effectiveness of the traction transformer.

Keywords: Balance traction transformer, YD Transformer, power quality, transmission and distribution, electrical railway traction power system

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