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Comparative Analysis of Linear Feedback Shift Register on Different FPGA Platforms
Karuna Bogawar and Shashank Shriramwar

MBIST (Memory Built-In-Self-Test) plays a very important role in testing embedded memories for industrial applications. For the design and implementation of MBIST, a linear feedback register is used as an address generator as it has low area overhead as compared to traditional Automatic Test Equipment(ATE). This paper mainly focuses on the implementation of LFSR depending on the characteristic primitive polynomial on SPARTAN & VIRTEX FPGA platforms. Simulation and synthesis have been done on Xilinx 14.7 ISE design suit using VHDL. Comparative analysis has been done based on timing and power for the FPGA platforms used. Experimental results show that the dynamic power consumption is reduced by 10% and the latency is improved by 80% for VIRTEX 6 FPGA and the area overhead is also less as compared to SPARTAN 6 FPGA.

Keywords: MBIST, LFSR, ATE, an address generator, FPGA

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