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On the Advancements in DC Fast Charging Power Converters Technologies for Electric Vehicle
Amol Sutar and Mahadev Patil

Electric vehicles are very advantageous over combustion engine and hybrid vehicles. But still electrified vehicles have not achieved expected widespread acceptance in the vehicle market, mainly due to the unavailability of fast charging architectures and the problem of the driving range anxiety. Moreover the onboard charging solution of electric vehicle has limited power capacity and is very slow. So for the development of electric vehicle field, fast charging systems are needed which will charge the electric vehicle in a few minutes and provide sufficiently long driving range. Developing high power, highly efficient, low-cost charging system and its integration with renewable energy source is another challenge. This article attempts to investigate various charging station architecture as well as current and future trends in power electronic devices, converters, and research possibilities. It also makes an overview of the basic topologies of fast charging, charging station architectures, performance evaluation of power converters and comparison between them.

Keywords: Battery energy, electric vehicle, DC fast charger, charging architecture, power converters

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