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Study of Distortion in a Bent Multimode Optical Fiber at Low Frequency Signals
S. Gaurav, Satyendra Pratap Singh, R. Anamika, S. Soni and K. Pratibha

In this paper multimode step index optical fiber was subjected to bending for study of optical signal distortion at low frequency of 1 kHz. Optical signal from a laser diode (red) is found to be distorted by bending which show increase in signal distortion with decrease in the diameter of the bent.

The Total harmonic distortion, signal to noise ratio, spurious free dynamic range, and negative duty cycle, positive duty cycle and rise time were studied with variation in the diameter of the bend. Also, the Fast Fourier transform are recorded and analyzed. These results clearly indicate that bending beyond 3-4 cm, (radius) distorts the signal transmission properties of optical fiber.

Keywords: Optical fiber, diameter, bent, SNR

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