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The Influence of High Voltage Impulses on PVC-Graphite Thick Film Resistors
RamBabu.Busi, T.Satyanarayana, Srinivasulu Gundala and Y. Srinivasa Rao

This paper describes the effect of application of electric high voltage impulses on PVC-Graphite thick film resistors. It has been found that the resistance generally decreases with increase in number of high voltage impulses or impulse width, when the high voltage impulses amplitude is above the threshold value. It has also been found that the resistance decreases with increasing high voltage impulses amplitude above a certain impulse amplitude (threshold). Two types of change were observed: reversible and irreversible. Experimental results on the resistors are discussed in terms of resistivity and TCR vs. firing parameters.

Keywords: PVC-Graphite Thick film resistor, high voltage impulses, composition, grain size

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