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A Novel Tunable Frequency Sinusoidal OTA–LC Oscillator Circuit for High Frequency Applications
Remya Jayachandran, Lekhana G., Bhuvana R. S. and M. Rohini

A novel OTA-LC oscillator circuit using four OTA’s, one capacitor and one inductor which mimics as an RLC oscillator circuit is proposed. The total number of components used in the proposed oscillator circuit is less, and the design equations and gm-control over the frequency of oscillation are attractive. In this paper, the proposed OTA oscillator design concept is validated with simulation and experimental results. The frequency of oscillation of the proposed LC-OTA oscillator using LM13700 OTA is from 19 kHz to 7 MHz with a peak to peak amplitude > 0.2 V for power supply of ±15 V. The hardware implementation of the proposed oscillator is made using CMOS OTA in 180 nm technology node and frequency of oscillation obtained in 30 kHz to 150 kHz range with amplitude > 0.2 V for power supply of ±0.9 V.

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