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ZnSe–and GaN-based Schottky Barrier Photodetectors for Blue and Ultraviolet Detection
M. Hanzaz, A. Bouhdada, F. Vigue and J. P. Faurie

GaN and ZnSe are the most promising materials for blue and ultraviolet detectors. GaN deposited on sapphire substrate with large mismatch of lattice parameter and thermal expansion coefficient are supplanted by ZnSe because of his a good crystalline structure. In this study we compare the spectral response of GaN and ZnSe. For energies higher than energy gap, the ZnSe detector response remains flat, which corresponds to minimum of loss. In GaN detector, we can see a decrease in spectral response for wavelength lower than 340 nm. The responsivity is flat above the band gap until 340 nm. The ZnSe-based detector exhibits a low leakage current compared to GaN-based detector.

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