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Characterization Analysis of Chromium Nitride Reactively Sputtered Deposited Coating on Aluminum Alloy
Sharif. M. Musameh and S.W. Jodeh

The possibility of significantly improving the wear resistance, corrosion and friction behavior of aluminum alloys for automobile engine applications is demonstrated by using a chrome nitride (CrN) coating. Thin films of CrxN1-x were deposited on aluminum 6061 using a reactive sputtering technique in an unbalanced magnetron deposition system. The hardness and elastic modulus of the films were measured using a nanoindentation technique. A CrN film of a few micrometers thick was shown to significantly improve the wear resistance of aluminum alloy. The reduction of adhesive wear by the presence of a CrxN1-x coating on the surface of the aluminum alloy is believed to be responsible.

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