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A Novel CMOS Compatible LDMOS for Automotive Applications
Rakesh Vaid and Naresh Padha

In this paper, we report a novel CMOS compatible LDMOS structure designed using advanced device simulator PISCES-II based on the concept of “Opposite Doped Buried Regions (ODBR) and floating islands (FLIMOSFET) as used in the LDMOS devices”. The proposed device exhibits about 50% reduction in the electric field both in ON/OFF-states and about 20% reduction in the potential distribution along the vertical axis in the channel region in comparison with the conventional device, which enables enhancement of the doping concentration of the p-substrate (drift-region) of the device, thus significantly reducing the on-resistance of the proposed device. The proposed device exhibit excellent quasi-saturation free forward and transconductance characteristics without any degradation in the current densities.

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