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Electron Beam Induced Current Investigations on Silicon Contaminated with Copper
A. Ihlal, K. Bouabid, X. Portier, G. Nouet and R. Rizk

Electron beam induced current (EBIC) investigations were performed on ∑ = 25 silicon bicrystal precontaminated with copper. The precipitation of copper takes place after annealing and subsequent quenching. The electrical response of Cu precipitates was studied in the bulk and at the grain boundary (GB) level. Huge EBIC contrast, witnessing high minority carriers recombination, was observed at the precipitate level reaching 100% (metallic behaviour) in some cases. Extended denuded zone near the GB and around copper precipitates in the bulk are evidenced and are attributed to the gettering effect of these defects. The minority carriers diffusion length is drastically reduced after Cu precipitation.

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