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Transformation of RC-Active Filter into Log-Domain Filters
N. A. Shah, S. Z. Iqbal and Nusrat Parveen

A novel method of transforming active RC filter into Log domain filter is presented. Since Log domain filters are attractive in respect of circuit architecture, dynamic range at low supply voltage, high frequency operation, IC implementation and electronic tunability. By this approach, active RC- filter structures can be transformed into Log-domain with linear transfer characteristics. The proposed technique can be applied to any active RC filter. RC-active filter using CCII is taken as a prototype filter as an example to demonstrate the approach. Advantages of the proposed filter include high frequency operation, electronic tunability, low supply voltage operation, low power consumption. PSPICE simulation results are included which are in close conformity with the theoretical results.

Keywords: Log-domain filters; analog signal processing; RC active filter; current mode filters.

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