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New Current Mode Low-Pass Filter Using Identical Single Output Current Conveyors
Ahmed M Soliman

A new current mode low-pass filter using three single output inverting second generation current conveyors (ICCII) is introduced. The circuit uses three, ICCII+ and realizes an inverting low-pass response. The same circuit can also use three ICCII- and realizes a non-inverting low-pass response. The proposed circuit employs four grounded resistors and two grounded capacitors and has independent control on Q and on the DC gain by varying a single grounded resistor. It is found that the proposed circuit can not be used with three CCII+ or with three CCII-. Two modified configurations using four identical single-output CCII and having very low input impedance are defined. It is found that the ICCII+ and the ICCII- are suitable for one of the two modified configurations. The CCII+ can be used with both of the modified configurations and the CCII- can not be used with any of the proposed circuits with the same conveyor numbers. Spice simulation results using 0.5 μm CMOS transistors are included to support the theoretical analysis.

Keywords: Current mode filters; Current conveyors, low-pass filters.

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