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Single Element Controlled Sinusoidal Oscillators Using Current Conveyors
V. Kumar and K. Pal

A Novel FPGA Based Architecture for Prewitt edge detection algorithm has proposed. Prewitt algorithm is chosen due to its property of providing differencing as well as noise smoothing operation in the single kernel. So noise sensitivity of first gradient based operations can be avoided by the use of this algorithm. The implementation of edge detection algorithms on field programmable gate array (FPGA) is motivated by the fact that large memory FPGAs are now available, providing a platform to process real time algorithms on application-specific hardware with substantially higher performance than programmable digital signal processors (DSPs). This architecture can be used as a building block of pattern recognition system, autonomous robot navigation and also as a system for creating image dazzling effect in multimedia graphics. This architecture is implicitly pipelined to provide a system capable of operating at a clock speed of 99.499MHz which is significant improvement over programmable DSPs implementation.

Keywords: Edge Detection Algorithms, First Gradient Based Operators, Hardware Implementation, Prewitt Operators, VLSI.

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