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Voltage Mode Tow Thomas Universal Filter: A Current Controlled Conveyor Approach
Neeta Pandey, Sajal K. Paul and S. B. Jain

In this paper, a Tow Thomas universal filter based on current controlled conveyor (CCCII) is presented. The proposed configuration utilizes six CCCII-s, two grounded capacitors and two grounded resistors. The circuit enjoys a number of advantages: composed of solely minus type of current conveyors, offers high input impedance, uses all grounded passive components, independent electronic control of wo, Qo, and gain with biasing currents of CCCII-s and grounded resistor. The filter also exhibits low sensitivity with respect to passive components. The practical design problems due to nonlinearities of CCCIIs have also been addressed. The feasibility of the realization strategy is confirmed via SPICE simulations and discussed for current controlled conveyor implemented in translinear form.

Keywords: Tow Thomas Universal filter, CCCII- based filter, Voltage mode filter.

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