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On the Piezoresistance Effects in Silicon-N
C. R. Tellier, A. R. Charbonnieras and S. Durand

Combining deformation potential models with the Boltmann kinematic model for transport properties, theoretical expressions are derived for the reference linear and non-linear piezoresistance coefficients associated with uniaxial and shear stress effects. With these new formulations it becomes possible to evaluate the influence of temperature and of doping. In addition a simulator PIEZOSIM is developed that computes primed coefficients, sensitivity and non-linearity for gauges and for sensors with voltage output implanted on silicon surfaces with any orientation. Some examples of preferential orientations are given showing that this simulator is a convenient tool to design new piezoresistive elements.

Keywords: Piezoresistance coefficients, silicon-N, non-linear effects, piezoresistive sensors, simulation.

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